As far as developmental delays in young children are concerned, speech and language delays rank fairly high. Children often struggle with the ability to understand and reproduce language which translates into them not accomplishing certain developmental milestones. The reasons for language delays are multifarious - genetic linkage, ear infections or hearing loss and even the surrounding environment in which the child grows up.

Forbrain is an educational tool that is being used by several therapists and families to use with children who show signs or are diagnosed with language delays. Forbrain helps work on their audio-vocal loop thereby improving speech and reading comprehension

In the following video, Grace Lindley, a speech and language therapist based in Paris, breaks down the myriad aspects of language delays - what are the causes, observed symptoms, how Forbrain can help children with language delays, and activities to do with Forbrain. By using Forbrain in her practice, Grace has seen children discover their voice and become more vocal, acquire command of new words faster and being more motivated to participate in therapy.

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May 14, 2021

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