How Forbrain can help AD(H)D

There are several aspects of the Forbrain device that suggest it can be helpful with AD(H)D and developmental disorders.

  1. By using bone conduction and the dynamic filter, clearer frequencies are used resulting in greater sensory clarity.
  2. By using the dynamic filter and fluctuating frequencies the brain has to pay closer attention. Variation in sensory input captures the brain's attention.
  3. The combination of points one and two above mean greater attention and greater clarity.
  4. Greater clarity and greater attention lead to better sensory processing, enhancing attention yet more. Think of the difference between trying to watch a TV with a poor signal and one with a very clear high def signal.
  5. Using Forbrain allows for adjustments to the sensory-motor feedback system that controls speech. This results in improved motor timing and speech production. Motor timing, generally, is an emerging issue in the developmental disorders and with ADHD. One theory is that in these conditions there is disruption to the brain's timing patterns leading to desynchrony and disco-ordination. You certainly can see these in many of the developmental disorders where  patients have poor motor, including speech production, co-ordination. Their timing seems to be, and is, off. Some evidence suggests that this timing can be improved by repeated practice. Forbrain, by working on the audio-vocal loop, provides such training.

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October 17, 2020

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