We are delighted to inform you that Sound for Life will be participating and showcasing Forbraina and Soundsory at the Learntec - Europe's #1 fair for digital learning. For a quarter of a century, LEARNTEC has been held at the beginning of the year, showcasing IT-supported learning methods and technologies and best practices in life-long learning: imparting knowledge in companies, schools and higher education institutions.


Come and Meet Us:

When: January 28-30, 2020

Where: Messe Karlsruhe Messeallee 1 D-76287 Rheinstetten

Hall 1| Stand G93

Sound For Life will showcase:

1. Forbrain

boucle_00001Forbrain which is the flagship product of Sound for Life and has inherited its science from the Tomatis Method, the most advanced program in Sound Therapy which has evolved over a period of sixty years. Forbrain is an award-winning neural device that has shown conclusive results in enhancing language and speech fluency. Built with bone conduction technology and a unique dynamic filter, the device provides the user instantaneous feedback of their own voice which creates an enhanced auditory-feedback loop.

Forbrain helps people to improve speech fluency, pronunciation, sound discrimination, and rhythm, for clearer and more effective communication.

Most Speech and Language Pathologists who recommend Forbrain are successfully working with clients who have: Speech and Sound Disorders, Language Disorders, Learning Disorders, Social Communication Disorders , Voice (Selective Mutism), Fluency (Stuttering and Stammering) and Cognitive Communication (Improve Attention, Memory and other Cognitive skills).


2. Soundsory:

Untitled design (4)Soundsory is a complementary program to Forbrain. Soundsary is a Multi-Sensory Home-Based Program.
It helps improve motor and cognitive abilities. The program consists of specially designed music processed with neuro-acoustic modifications as well as a series of movement-based exercises. The program is 30 minutes a day for 40 days.

Soundsory is designed to be safe and effective. It can help people with:

  • SENSORY INTEGRATION: body schema, rhythm and timing, and auditory processing skills.
  • MOTOR COORDINATION: balance, spatial navigation, multi-task processing, oral motor coordination.
  • COGNITION: executive functioning, working memory, social interaction, and engagement.


We would be giving special offers at the event so don’t miss out on visiting our booth, we are looking forward to seeing you there!

October 31, 2020

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